How to take online Quran classes on Skype?

Learning Quran is an obligation of Muslims in the Islamic religion to get Allah's Mercy and bliss. People living in foreign countries prefer online Quran classes due to far-off Quran Madrassas from their houses. For online Quran classes, the most commonly used international App is Skype nowadays.

Our online Quran Academy also uses Skype for online Quran classes because it's credible and free to download. Our online Quran teaches you are well-aware of online Quran teaching on Skype. We also guide all students properly about using Skype for learning Quran online before starting online classes.

Why use Skype?

We use Skype for conduction online Quran classes because it's used worldwide. Nowadays, it's not necessary to learn the Quran face-to-face. Instead, you can learn with a teacher from all over the world via Skype. Skype is beneficial for online learning purposes because it offers many tools like

·         You can start audio, video calls from all over the world.

·         It's an international app so that you can connect from anywhere at any time.

·         You can chat, share different files with others on Skype.

·         It's easy to understand and use for everyone.

·         You can download it for free of cost from the Google play store.

·         It also offers an option of sharing screens with students for interactive learning.

·         It creates like physical classroom environment that keeps students engaged with learning due to its efficiency and fun.

How to use Skype for online Quran classes?

It's effortless to use Skype for learning Quran online. You have to download and install it from the Google play store on your device. Sign up for your account by providing your name and email address. In this way, you will make your Skype ID. Our online Quran Academy adds your Skype ID into our records. Your Quran teacher will guide you on how to use it for online Quran classes.

Method of teaching on Skype

The teacher will call you either audio or video on Skype, and students will receive that call on Skype to start class. It's essential to have a good internet connection for better interaction with teachers. The teacher will deliver lectures about Quran lessons via voice call or video call. Besides, there is also an excellent option of screen sharing through which the teacher shows books to students.

You can also discuss, ask questions to your teacher by unmuting your mike. Speakers and microphones prove to be helpful for better listening and speaking during class. If students feel difficulty in using this App, our instructors guide them till they understand its usage.

Wrap up

Our main goal is to provide online Quran teaching to Muslims who don't have a source for physical Quran classes. We use different software to facilitate online Quran learning for Muslims from all over the World. One of the best software we found is Skype which is easy to use and understandable for everyone. Now, you can join our online Quran classes on Skype to learn Quran with professional Islamic teachers.