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The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said; ‘The most excellent of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it’ (Sahih)

It is the duty of every Muslim to learn his religion as best he or she can. However, lives are busy and time is precious. For this reason, Online Qur’an Teaching makes available to you high quality, personalised and one to one Qur’an tuition to help you get the most from your time.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced online Quran teacher. To learn and understand Quran and live your life according to the teaching of the Quran. You are in the right place.

Allah Subhanahu Watala sent His final words in the shape of the Holy Quran. For the guidance of humanity. The Quran is a complete guideline for humankind. To know the message of God. We must read and understand it correctly. The Quran is written in the Arabic language. So, it's not easy for the people of other languages to understand it properly. In the UK Online Quran Tuition is the best online madrassa. Where you can learn Quran online. We offer comprehensive online Quran classes for kids and adults of all levels and ages.

Our facility is qualified from world-renowned Islamic institutions. They possess years of experience in the field of teaching Quran, Qira't, and tajweed. We offer 100% flexible online Quran courses. You can select according to your need and availability. Our main purpose is to deliver the teachings of the Holy Quran to everyone. We also have female teaching stuff for our sister who wants to join the course.

Online Quran Teaching has the most innovative and flexible programmes possible to engage and nurture learning across the world for both adults and children to help preserve the sacred message of the Holy Qur’an.

About Us

About Us

About Online Quran Teaching In today’s modern world, new and improved techniques for acquiring knowledge are becoming more and more prominent. Technological advances have made it possible to learn any subject of desired interest without having to attend an institute or school as a regular student.

What could be easier than sitting right at home with all your necessary requirements 1at your fingertips? A computer, to which almost everyone has easy access, a broadband internet connection, a headset (one with a speaker and microphone) and some simple communicating software- all can be attained from within a close range. Those are the only things you need to begin with your preferred Islamic course.

We give the best opportunity to the students to learn Quran with the convenience of their time. As compared to other online Quran academies we are renowned for the consistency and flexibility.

Online Quran Reading Course for Beginners:

We have designed this course, especially for beginners. No matter what age group you belong to. You can join this course. This course is for everyone who wants to read and recite the Quran. But they don't know the Arabic or very less knowledge of the language. We consider every aspect of the Quran Reading in the course. Especially for beginners. At the end of this course. Every student will be able to read the Quran and understand it.

Objectives Of Learning Quran As A Beginner

Online Quran Nazirah Course

It Is The Next Level Course. Especially Designed For The Students Who Are Successfully Graduated From Our Beginner Course. And For People Who Have Basic Knowledge Of The Quran And The Arabic Language. The Online Quran Nazirah Course Is Designed To Teach Students How To Recite The Quran Correctly. Without Relying On Translation. At The End Of This Course. Students Will Be Able To Understand The Quran And Read The Quran Tajweed Proficiently. We Offer This Course To People Of All Age Groups. We Have Ijaazah Holder Teachers (Specialised In Tajweed) For This Course.

Learning Objectives

Online Quran Tajweed Courses

The word Tajweed (Tajwid) is a verbal noun from jawwada. Meaning 'proficiency.' When applied to the Quran. It means to recite every letter of the Quran with its rights characteristics. Observing all the rules required for reading the Quran.

Muslims around the world are under the obligation to learn the Quran. As it was revealed by using the rules of Tajweed. Online Quran Tuition offers courses and lessons of Tajweed to learn Quran by applying the rules of Tajweed. We have experience and specialized staff to teach Tajweed courses for beginners and advanced levels.

If you want to learn the rules of Tajweed. In-depth. This course offers detailed explanations of Tajweed rules with Arabic terms. Throughout you will get lots of opportunities to practice the rules and recite the Quran with natural style. If you are not confident in reading Quran with Tajweed. Having trouble with pronunciation. This Tajweed learning course would be beneficial for you.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to read the Quran fluently and according to the basic rules of Tajweed.

Weekly Learning Materials

Online Quran Tuition In today’s modern world. Let's Enroll & Start Now

Best Online Quran Tuition Tutor

All of our tutors are well-versed and well qualified. You will surely be satisfied with our tutors.

Flexible Learning Hours

We give the best opportunity to the students to learn Quran with the convenience of their time.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our Services

Our Services

Basic Quran Reading Course

  • The students who are not able to identify Quranic alphabets.
  • Specifically designed for those who are new in the realms of Quran.
  • Students of this course are hence given closed attention of their teachers.

Quran Memorization Course

  • This course is suitable who want to memorize the holy Quran online.
  • Your class will be assigned to a tutor who will be Hafiz-Ul-Quran.
  • Step by step guidance by giving specific lessons every day as home work.

Tajweed Rules and Regulations

  • Haroofe Tafkheem: These letters should be pronounced with Full Mouth even if they have a Kasrah/Zer.
  • Haroofe Maddah: Make madd equal to 1 Alif in Haroofe Maddah. If doesn't, it can change the meaning.
  • Closes Letters: When there is no Haroofe Maddah, do not make Madd or Drag the letter.

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