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Well, the worrisome time is over. We are offering an online Madrassah teaching facility to you with our highly qualified Islamic teachers to enable you and your kids to learn and read Quran proficiently. In our online Madrassah classes, we have English-speaking Male and Female Quran teachers who are well aware of online tools to deliver an interactive Quran Lesson during a session.
The most amazing part of online Quran Academy UK is that we provide one-on-one Quran classes to individuals to avoid hesitation, and instead of yearly, we allow you to pay a month-to-month online Madrassah fee.
Furthermore, to satisfy you with our services, we allow you to take a 1-day free trial class to evaluate our teaching criteria and join our regular session upon satisfaction.
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Read our FAQs

How can I register myself in online Madrassah classes?

The registration method of Madrassah classes in the UK is quite simple and easy. To join a one-day free trial class, you need to fill out the booking form with complete and correct information, including full name, the contact number, email address, and message (optional), and submit it to us. After the submission, we will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours for registration confirmation and to answer your queries.

Why are online Madrassah classes better than local Madrassahs?

Several reasons make online Madrassah classes better than local Madrassahs. One of the notable benefits is that you do not have to go out to a local Madrassah which saves your time and allows you to learn Quran lessons with Tajweed concepts with the well-versed Madrassah teachers. In addition to this, you can record your Quran lessons and can play them later whenever you need to revise them. Moreover, besides male teachers, girls can avail the specific option of booking a Female Quran tutor near me option as well for their ease. And to reduce the Quran course fee burden from your shoulders, online Madrassah offers cheap Quran teachings and allows you to submit Quran lesson fees at a reasonable monthly price plan.

Can I get a tutor’s replacement if I am dissatisfied with his/her performance?

For sure, you can, if you are not satisfied with the teaching method of your Quran teacher at online Madrassah, discuss the matter with us. We will pay heed to the reason provided by you for the Quran tutor’s replacement, and if it is a valid reason, we will process your request and surely change your Madrassah teacher online with the one recommended by you.

Can I quit a Madrassah class online after a trial?

Yes, for sure, you are free to quit online Madrassah any time. You can quit it right after the trial class as well if you are not dissatisfied with the Madrassah teacher’s performance.

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