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If you want to learn Quran online and looking for the perfect but affordable Quran Tuition in Bradford, you can register here without hesitation. Alhamdulillah, we've been teaching Quran to more than a thousand students since 2010

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Holy Quran is the sacred book gifted from Allah for all Muslims. This book has guidance, advice, and solution to problems and suggestions for all Muslims in the world. Hence, it's obligatory to learn and recite Quran with the correct pronunciation. So, every Muslim parent desire to see their kids learn Quran in their childhood. If you're looking for Quran teacher near me, then stay here! In Bradford, Quranic centers and Madrassas are very far, and it has become challenging to go out of home because they are busy with their jobs or COVID-19 lockdown. A piece of excellent news for those who live in Bradford and want to learn the Quran is that we offer online Quran classes at home at very reasonable prices. Come and join us!


Our Quran Teachers

Alhamdulilah, we have organized the +25 best online Bradford Quran teachers from different countries who hold degrees in Islamic education and Quran teachings. Every Islamic teacher has experience teaching the Quran online to 500+ students. Their teaching strategy is so impressive that students become connected with learning until the end of the session. Our Quran teachers include Hifz-e-Quran, Qari-e-Quran, and Tajweed Quran teachers.

Female Quran teacher

Some Islamic sisters hesitate to learn from male Quran teachers. Therefore we've organized female Quran teachers who are very communal and cooperative. You don't need to worry about language for conversation; our teachers can speak English, Urdu, and Arabic. Now girls can learn Quran online from female Quran teacher near me.


Quran Reading

Quran Reading is the fundamental duty of a Muslim to get love from Allah. Therefore, every parent desire to learn Quran in their childhood, but people who live in Bradford face the problem of far off Madrassas. Now, People who live in Bradford can learn Quran from our site named online Quran tuition. We provide one on one Quran classes with certified male and female Quran teacher.


Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization is an act of learning the Quran by heart with complete devotion and dedication. In this course, students have to know the whole Quran classified into 30 Surahs. If you're looking for female Quran teacher near me, then join us! Our Hifz e Quran teachers teach so that students will never forget the entire Quran till the end. We provide each facility to our students for better learning. Besides, we give the students pdf exercise worksheets for practice.



Tajweed Al Quran means to read Quran with the correct pronunciation. The primary mistake made by Muslims is to read Quran with a simple tone/without application of Tajweed rules, but it creates a false sense in the meaning of the word. Therefore, it's necessary to learn Quran Tajweed and recite accurately. We are offering Tajweed-Al-Quran courses online for you and your kids. We provide interactive Quran Tajweed classes along with certified Quran teachers for teaching Quran.

Certified Quran teachers

We have more than twenty-five male and female Quran teachers who teach Quran with complete dedication. They struggle their best to explain minor concepts related to Quran teaching. The way they teach is awe-inspiring and engaging.

Easily accessible

Our Quran classes are easily accessible from anywhere. You can take our Quran Tajweed classes on every device, mobile, laptop, or tablet. Besides, you can record your Quran lessons and can listen to them after lectures at any time.

Female Quran teachers

In addition to male Quran tutors, we have also organized female Quran teachers for teaching girls and ladies. We are blessed with those Bradford Quran teachers who burn their midnight oil to show the best results of their Quran classes.

Free trial classes

If you are confused about our online Quran classes Bradford, then don't worry! We are offering three days trial classes for free to check out our process of Quran teaching. If you feel satisfied, then you can proceed with your regular session.

Monthly classes

You don't need to register for1 a year or a more extended time. Instead, our site allows you to join our online Quran class from month to month. After one month, you need to register and submit your monthly fee again.

Interactive classes

We have used both ancient and advanced tools for making learning easy and helpful for our students. Our Quran classes Bradford are of high quality without any interruption in learning Quran. Whether you are a beginner, but you'll learn from basic concepts to advanced ones from our site.


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We are the one of the most leading Quran Madrassas that offers three Quran courses at a very reasonable price without taking any registration fee. Moreover, you will learn from highly qualified and certified Bradford Quran teachers from here. Besides, we give schedule flexibility, 24/7 availability, monthly fee charges, along with three days free trial.

Yes, it's possible! If you're not satisfied with our online Quran teacher near me, then inform our instructor. We will surely listen to your matters and replace that teacher with your recommended Quran teacher.

Yes, you can change the timing because we provide you with one on one Bradford Quran classes online; you can select the timing according to your availability. You need to discuss with your Quran teacher and decide the time suitable for both of you.

It's straightforward to take an online Quran Tajweed classes on our platform. You need to arrange a device like a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile on which you'll take your Quran class. Besides, you must have a good internet connection along with microphones for better communication during Quran class.

The Quran teacher will call you either audio or video on Zoom/Skype at your selected time. You'll receive that call to start your lecture. The teacher will discuss, share, or listens to the previous lesson in the first fifteen minutes. After that, he/she will deliver the following speech and share a digital book on the screen that both student and teacher can see.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors