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Asra Hasan

Have been with them for 5 months now and the experience had been great. We got a very good and dedicated tutor who teaches my 7-year-old son. He teaches with a lot of patience and keeps him motivated too. The management is very approachable and helps you out when you need anything.

Nov 19, 2019


The institute is run by professionals. They have good understanding of Arabic and also teach Quran with translation. Highly recommended.

Nov 16, 2019

Iqra Tahseen is a great initiative for kids to take online Quran classes at the comfort of their home and learn Quran online. Masha Allah, my kids are doing great ever since they started. Their teachers are very kind and respectful.

Nov 03, 2019


From the very start, we have been made to feel welcomed. Sister Asma has shown she is just as capable of teaching our children online as she would face to face, she is very great with my child and I always feel I have the ability to ask questions or for help from Hassan if needs be. Definitely would recommend it, especially given the current global circumstances. Also, for the price I could never complain, they have gone above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable and that my child is learning at her own pace and understanding what she is learning. She has been taught more in the last month than I had taught her in a few years and that makes me a very happy client. Jazak’Allahu Khairun!

Nov 08, 2019


It's very difficult to find professional Quran teachers to teach children online. The teacher Masha Allah is extremely polite and punctual. My kids are very comfortable in learning the Quran. Also, they have made very good progress Alhumdulillah!" I wish I would of known about the online facility years ago!! Highly recommended to anyone who wants their children to progress at their own pace. Sister Asma has been amazing Mashallah and I am so grateful for the way she puts her compassion in teaching my children.

Nov 06, 2019


Alhamdullilah so far so good. I am satisfied with their honest and prompt service. The tutor is always on time and knowledgeable in teaching Quran with Tajweed. I highly recommend

Nov 02, 2019

Aisha Aslam

I wish I could give infinite stars!! 5 is not enough! Not only is my teacher a piece of heaven but everybody I have interacted with from this online institute has a wonderful vibe and it makes learning to read and recite the Quran a very magical and spiritual experience. I feel elated every time. My teacher gives a detailed breakdown and structure to the lessons which helps with the complexity of memorizing not only the Quran but the rules of reading arabic correctly and with concise pronunciation. I highly recommend!!

Oct 27, 2019


MashaAllah brilliant service. Excellent engaging tutor to my 5 sons. Always on time and dedicated. Very happy with the service would definitely recommend it.

Oct 26, 2019


Very reliable tutors.... very happy with my teacher

Oct 24, 2019


excellent place to improve your tajweed, great teachers who are very patient and the internet is very good when having a conference meeting.

Oct 22, 2019

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Every Review we’ve ever received



Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors