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I highly recommend Mrs. Doaa at The Online Quran Tution as she is the most qualified, hardworking, native Arabic, tajweed, and quran teacher I have met for English speaking students. I have taken quran courses locally and online and there is usually a gap in teaching non-native Arabic students Arabic and tajweed accurately. I didn't always understand the rules behind tajweed so I didn't always pronounce words clearly; however, I can say with confidence that I understand tajweed now better than before to the articulation point of every letter and much more because of her as she's very detailed with tajweed rules and quran pronunciation. She explains where your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can improve. For example, I struggled with pronouncing light lam and heavy ra. She has a lot of patience and understanding as I read quranic words/ayahs slowly and don't always pronounce them correctly. I enjoy my classes so much that I schedule my classes 3 months ahead of time. May Allah show his mercy and grant her and the academy the highest level of paradise.

Jul 08, 2019


Ola is a very good teacher, she is very patient and very kind. I have noticed my daughter improving in tajweed and her recitation.

Jul 05, 2019


What an amazing people abd I love their teaching style and they are very helpful to my my child and the people I connected to them as well. I wished if knew them before but still not to late and my child is improving her Quran reading, tawjeed and hadeeth. I can’t thank them all enough but I ASK ALMIGHTY TO REWARD THEM

Jul 02, 2019


My teacher is excellent, she's so kind! I have improved my reading and memorization and pronunciation with her. It's only twice a week for half an hour and I truly learn a lot! May Allah reward them.

Jun 29, 2019


Alhamdullilah so far so good. I am satisfied with their honest and prompt service. Tutor Sister Amira is always on time and knowledgeable in teaching Quran with tajweed.

Jun 25, 2019


I love the program my son now can read Quran I’m satisfied

Jun 21, 2019


SalM allaykoum. They are really amazing. I recommend it My daughter enjoy taking her class and she is actually learning a lot from her teacher.

Jun 18, 2019


Excellent teachers and customer service. Very professional and easy to communicate with staff:) I am very happy to finally find a good online program for my kids. My kids teachers are very patient and encouraging:)

Jun 15, 2019


The Online Quran Tution is extremely professional and the staff are incredibly kind. The lessons are excellent and clear and easy to set up for an amazing price. I would definitely recommend this course.

Jun 15, 2019


Kids have been with onlinequrantuition for a few months now. When my daughter first started with brother Hossam she hardly knew how to read with tajweed but since then she came a long way and she is almost fluent in reading Quran with tajweed. Hossam is a good teacher who is patient and has good communication skills. Both my kids like having lessons with him. We are happy that we found onlinequrantuition, the whole process was simple and I would recommend the company to anyone who is interested in having online classes with native speakers of the Arabic language.

Jun 11, 2019

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Every Review we’ve ever received



Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors