Memorizing the Quran is a kind of worship in which one seeks Allah's pleasure and recompense in the afterlife. The Hafidh will never be rewarded if he does not have this aim; rather, he will be condemned for performing this act of worship for someone or something other than Allah.

The Hafidh (the person who has memorized the Quran) should not memorize the Quran with the purpose of receiving worldly rewards, because memorizing the Quran is not a product to be traded in this world, but rather an act of worship performed for the sake of his Lord.

Allah has bestowed unique blessings on those who remember the Qur'an in this world and the Hereafter in a variety of ways.

Why memorizing Quran is hard?

Many people complain when they first start memorizing; they can't seem to memorize quickly enough — they forget everything — and they think the procedure is too taxing.

These dedicated individuals have usually been memorizing for a few months or less than a year, and they haven't been doing it every day or with the assistance of an instructor. I counsel with a smile:

It's like lifting weights when it comes to memorizing the Quran. When you initially start lifting weights, you only lift a specific amount – and larger weights may feel unachievable. You could be in awe of individuals who lift weights because they can do so much more than you think you could ever do.

 However, after a year of lifting the same weights every day or every other day, they become too light for you! As your body strengthens, you add more weights until even those are too light. So, you keep adding as your body gets stronger and faster, and everything you used to lift is no longer a challenge.

The Quran is in the same boat. It takes a lot of practice. Time, focus, and energy are all things that require commitment. It will take even longer if you are not doing it every day and working with a teacher on a daily basis.

 That's OK. It is not a competition. If you have other life duties, you do not need to accomplish your memorization in a year, two years, or even three or four years. Take pleasure in the process of memorization. Take a little pause when you're frustrated to refresh and regroup, and then get back to work.

How to make it easy?


Begin by repeating one verse or a collection of verses until you've committed them to memory. This is essentially "rote memorization."

Make use of the translation.

Understanding the words, you're reciting makes a huge impact.

Have an instructor available.

To memorize correctly, you'll need the help of a Quran teacher.


Listen to the verses all the time. You can listen to anyone whose voice moves you for your own personal satisfaction. You'll want to listen to someone whose recitation is slow enough and whose tajwîd is perfected enough for your own practice if you wish to memorize something.